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Keeps It Fit has only one mission – to help you stay committed to a healthy and fit lifestyle. We achieve this by offering fitness programs that you love, so no matter how busy you are, what shape you’re in, and what budget restraints you have, exercise becomes a regular part of your life and a habit you crave. Watch our video to learn more.

Training Programs

Fitness and exercise for people of all levels and capabilities. One-on-one or as a group, Keeps It Fit will ensure you stay motivated and get the most out of your workout. Designed to keep you focused and engaged, our training programs offer indoor and outdoor environments, varying styles and many types of cardio and strength equipment.

Personal Training

Personal Training

Group Fitness

Group Fitness

Quick Tip Videos demonstrate the correct & safe way to do an exercise, workout with weights or use gym equipment.


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Had fun interviewing with Megan Hansen, who asked just the right questions to find out what drives me to do what I do.


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Joubert’s Story

Becoming a personal trainer meant more to me than just a career. After losing over 100 pounds and maintaining the weight-loss, I was personally motivated to become a certified fitness trainer so I could share my program, experience and passion with others to help them reach their goals. I value the importance of teamwork and working hard to achieve goals at each person’s own individual pace. My journey was not an easy one, but I learned to build a solid foundation on the principle of crawling before walking and to just keep moving in the direction of my goals. As your coach and personal trainer, I promise to deliver the energy and program best suited to help you be a happier, healthier and stronger you.


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